February 16, 2011

5 ways to quit & do what you love

Since my international fanbase has grown a bit and I've had some requests about writing in English, here it goes: my first English blog post!

5 ways to quit & do what you love!


Way to quit: Smack your boss in the face

Way to do what you love: Move to your dream location.


Way to quit: Strip down to your skivvies and start dancing to “Thriller” in a human resources meeting about sexual harrasment in the workplace.

Way to do what you love: Make an activity your livelihood.


Way to quit: Stage your own death (by bagel knife) in the coffee room using ketchup as a prop, be sure to stumble out the front door and leave a “bloody” trail of ketchup from your office to the nearest large body of water so they’ll never “find the body”. Note: you may need several bottles of ketchup and a bus ticket if you are not immediately near water

Way to do what you love: Use a God given gift.


Way to quit. Use the highest paid executive in your firm’s fax machine to send pieces of toast to the Boston office, if it’s doesn’t work the first time – add jelly.

Way to do what you love. Review it.


Way to quit: In an effort to save on rent, move into your office cubicle and shower in water fountain using your latest memos as wash cloths.

Way to do what you love: Solve other people’s problem.


  1. I want to see that "Thriller" dance. It would be hilarious.
    Your english is good btw

  2. Haha awesome post, and you're English is really good dude.

  3. I love #3. People seem to forget how deadly bagel knifes can be.

  4. Your english is very good! I'd love to smack my boss in the face haha that would be epic

  5. Sounds like good advice. Had a few bosses i've wanted to slap in the face. To do what I want to do (vet) I have to get back to university though, and sadly that means staying in England as I can't afford anywhere else.

  6. damn only if i had read this about a month ago i could have done one of those and quit instead of getting laid off :(

  7. It'll be hard to do what I love if I'm in jail for battery lol Good advice though

  8. YES!

    you should print this and stick it to the wall of some sad cubicle office

  9. I think #2 will get you arrested along with the firing.

  10. "Note: you may need several bottles of ketchup and a bus ticket if you are not immediately near water"

    hahah this one cracked me up!

    good job man!

  11. I wish people would heed this advise!

  12. I've actually staged my own death before. Steak knife, not bagel.

  13. heres a way to quit, give your boss the finger, tell him to F**K OFF and just walk out, just that easy

    but i don't recommend it if you need a reference