February 16, 2012

Why self-help books are useless

I've read few self-help books in my life, mostly because I was bored and couldn't handle anymore the of classics. Then I have browsed a few, just so I could confirm how full of bullshit they are. I mean, look at some of the covers: The Science of Getting Rich, The Greatest Saleman in the World, 4-hour workweek... what the fuck?! Are people so stupid that they actually believe this bullshit? Mostly these books have the same
content and only one who's getting rich by following them is the author and the writer. And some faggot listed these as the greatest self-help books of all time.

Self-help faggot: "Now just do what I did!"
Stupid reader: "Om nom noooom OK!"

"Well, these guys got rich by following their rules", you might say. Yes, they sure did, but here's the biggest thing why they are rich and you are not: you are not them. These people are often ambitious, cunning, socially active, hard working and sometimes they even look good! They have a skillset that allows them to thrive in the writing business and they have hit their jackpot writing their crappy book and got it published. Someone could make research (I won't, I'm too lazy) how many self-help books did NOT get published. I can make a summary of all self-help books (except those written by Tolle, but they are more like religion thingy if you ask me):

* Set goal
* Do thing that help you achieve that goal
* Stop doing things that prevent you from achieving that goal

These books don't even include factors like luck and economy! And there's a reason for that too: when their books come out, the writers and authors are already kinda famous and they have no need for such thing. They already had their stroke of luck when they made millions of dollars with their shitty book. And good luck getting your shit running during the next recess (it's just around the corner...).


  1. I've never once even peaked at them. I've seen enough of the bs right on the internet. I'm doing good.

  2. Yeah, they don't help people at all. People should help themselves, and not to read books on how they should do it.