April 22, 2011

Responds to comments

A dialog
I think that blogs should be dialogue, not a monologue. I just realized that mine has been the latter one and I want to fix that now. Here are some comments to your comments:

"i have heard these type of stories every now and then. i dont know how a little incidence changes lives of people and how do meet their dream. it does not happen with me. i am really stressed. i dont know what to do. people get oppurtunities. i have not come across even one. what should i do ? :'(" -Anonymous

Well, they happen to some people. It probably won't happen to you, unless you do something about it. If you're stressed, you should find out the reason for that. Is it because you hate your job? Is it because it's too time consuming or too challenging? If it is, quit. I know this can be difficult specially if you live in a country with no welfare or other source of income other than work, but think it like this: It's your fucking life and you can do anything you want with it. It may take you a while to fulfill your dream but with hard work it's possible (unless you want to be a supermodel and are ugly as fuck... or professional basketball player as a white guy). I used to do things the way I thought other people wanted me to do them, and that caused me a lot of stress and headache. Now I do what I WANT to do and am quite happy. Fuck everyone else!

"How hard is to a brazilian get a visa to live in your country?" - Eu otro Eu

You're probably just joking with this question but because I'm such a nice guy, I'll answer anyway: it's fucking hard! It's kinda ironic that coming to work to Finland is a lot harder than coming as humanitarian refugee. When you come to Finland to work you actually have to have a nice chunk of money at your bank account, and you have to prove that you get more of it from somewhere (can be work or your relatives). Language is very hard to learn and althought people speak English quite well they usually communicate in Finnish. There's also the problem with qualifications - Finnish people don't like qualification papers from abroad and it can be difficult to prove that you actually know how to your job. We are also somewhat racist.

"Have not seen you post a new blog for a long time, I hope you did not lose your job HA!" - #19

I've had some motivation problems lately with this blog but I'll try to write more in the near future! I actually suffer of this thing called Borderline Personality Disorder where I get very (too) excited about something for a while and lose interest soon after. I have many sites I have created in the past (most of them porn, actually!) and I'm starting to update that shit again, including this blog.


  1. Eh, motivation is my biggest problem.

  2. I kinda just wanna take a dump on my bosses desk...

  3. Yeah its hard to be motivated doing soemthing you hate! Come check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  4. How about having a side blog for when you don't have motivation for this one? I'm not sure the current blog fits you too well. Dunno, just a suggestion.

  5. In the spirit of dialogue, I'll answer your last question to me here. Yes, I'm still out of work, but as I get to blog about it (and a lot of nerdy stuff) and still have enough to eat and pay bills, I'm not upset with my situation for the moment.

  6. Great post,

    Hopefully you check out my blog and show some support.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback


  7. Remember there are people who really enjoy reading your blog!
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  8. Well, I was not joking about the visa. Actually, I know that in the last years, emigrating to ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY is get harder and harder, and didn't know about the Finnish situation.

    Here on Brazil, we too pay about 1/4 of the money we make on a year but the government don't offer us good services (our public schools and universities are trashed and I don't want to talk about our public healthcare system).

    And, well, since I won't be able to get to Finland as a migrant... can you talk a little more about your other "blogs" you've been updating? :) (laugh)

  9. Good to see a blogger that responds to comments. I must admit I could do with responding to my readers comments more often.

  10. lost motivation too! buzy with a lot of things.